Welcome to the amazing world of faux frosted glass!
These images were not created with etching cream or sand blasted onto a mirrored
surface. There is a better, less permanent solution to having the look you want at a
price you can afford.

You Can Do It!
You can place any design on your mirror or window in order to spice it up or "Wow!"
your friends. Whether you favor classic or cutting edge, we will help you make those
images come to life. And if, after awhile you want a different look, removal is quick
and easy. That's why this process is so appealing. You can personalize your space
in less than an hour depending on the type and number of designs you choose. Easy
or challenging the choice is up to you.

Good Design is the key!
All our designs are specially created for ease of use and the more complex ones
come with simple instructions to minimize the potential for error. Just purchase and
download the designs you want, and in practically no time you'll have created an
outstanding glass or mirrored surface. The only items you'll need other than scissors
and/or exacto knife will be
clear contact paper and a sharpie (or magic marker).

The Best Part!
The best part is there's no messy cleanup, no chemicals or liquids to work with, and
no expensive tools to buy. Check out our Designs page and choose the images
best suited for your home and personality!
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Choose a design that suits you. Download and print it on 8 1/2 x 11
Cut out the design using scissors and/or exacto knife. For
small (or eye cuts), an exacto knife is best.
Now put the printed design under the clear contact paper. It will be
visible enough for you to trace the design onto the measurement side
of the contact paper.
Important Note: Identify exactly where the cut out piece will go
on the mirror (or glass) surface and at what angle before you
start the peeling process. You may wish to use a marker to
roughly outline the area around where the design will be
Peel the clear plastic from the measurement paper slowly, about an inch at
a time. Try to do it completely across the upper part first (Frog Example:
head and hands/arms, then torso and tip of feet, then bottom legs.) so that
none of the parts tear (A scrap of measurement paper at the tip of each
peeled area can prevent it sticking to unwanted surfaces or help with
removal from such).You can peel the clear contact paper off halfway or
completely (cut off and throw away measurement paper as you go). Then
place the contact paper carefully onto your surface a half inch or so at a
time, smoothing it down firmly as you go to prevent bubbles. You can
puncture any bubbles with a pin and continue smoothing or pull up the
surrounding area and smooth it down again. This might leave a slightly
visible line. If the line bothers you, you may want to just pull it up completely
and start the placement process over. Keep peeling and smoothing until the
design has been completely transferred to your surface.
Upper area peeled first
The upper center
section of cp
peeled from paper
The entire upper half
peeled downward
with paper at each tip
Upper center cp section
in place - measurement
paper still attached
Design transfer completed
All of center and both
bottom legs peeled and
in place
Top right curving
arm also smoothed
into place
Click here for our Designs page
Read photo example counter-clockwise starting
from the top left. (cp refers to contact paper)
Fleur de lis